K story-comics&characters in america


What is K-Story · Comics & Characters in America?

K-Story · Comics & Characters in America is a unique event that exhibits top Korean entertainment content industry leaders, studios and producers to the United States. The event is designed to encourage networking and to create unique business opportunities for all attendees. For 2021, we are featuring 20 of the most attractive and creative Korean contents that include TV series, comics, animation, characters and feature films. We are pleased to announce that it will be held online starting from 17th August 2021. Online business meetings with Korean Creators is available from 17th to 19th August. The event is hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA), a governmental agency that oversees and coordinates the promotion of Korean content industry. KOCCA has strived to introduce Korean content to the worldwide market, in order to create business opportunities and increase national competitiveness. Our endeavors embrace a wide range of industrial categories, such as Korean comics, webtoons, characters, animation, games, fashion and music, have resonated with the world.


PST : Aug.09(Mon) ~ Aug.15(Sun)
KST : Aug.10(Tue) ~ Aug.16(Mon)

Pre-Screening of IP
Prescheduling of Meetings

Day 1
PST : Aug.16(Mon)
KST : Aug.17(Tue)

Screening of IP Video Pitch
Prescheduling of Meetings

Day 2
PST : Aug.17(Tue)
KST : Aug.18(Wed)

Screening of IP Video Pitch
Live Business Meetings

Day 3
PST : Aug.18(Wed)
KST : Aug.19(Thu)

Screening of IP Video Pitch
Live Business Meetings

Characters Company

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Name of Company(Author) IP
Aurora World Corporation YooHoo to the Rescue, OYOYO
Grafizix Co., Ltd. Mind Blowing Breakthroughs Series, FrienZoo
HongDangMoo Inc. Magic Adventures, Animal Rescue, PPOPPOPPO Friends
IFORM,lnc. Tomarmon
J Bugs Co.,Ltd Slow Slow Sloth Neul
LOCO Princess Pring, Snowcat
RetroBot Inc PotenDogs
STUDIO VANDAL CO., LTD. Alien Family Jolly Polly, The Little Stone Dodo Season 1,2
YOU NEED CHARACTER Co., Ltd. CricketPang